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Something from the past

Oct 29, 2015

1 May 1981 … Vourvourou, Halkidiki …

I can barely walk but I enjoy hastily whatever is left from my favorite tamboule salad… this somehow sour but oh so delicious juice. My father next to me, full of pride and joy that his daughter finally eats something (not as now that he is now chasing me around for… the opposite :)) and all the more something so nutritious. His friends always around, most of them still students from Syria and Lebanon. How many times has this very same scene been repeated? My parents and their friends preparing every kind of delicacy and share it among them with an enviable kind of love. And how many times have I been part of such gatherings?


As the first child of this group of friends, I never felt lonely because of not being surrounded by my peers. On the contrary, this was the opportunity to observe and adopt values that became a reflex for me. My parents filled me with images and pictures of multiculturalism, hospitality, friendship, tastes, music … I always liked this widely open house they had created… From my graduation from school up to 2 years ago, the course of my life was very different from what I currently do. As much as I loved these steps and the different phases of my life, I think I would not be able to be really happy in my life if I did not have what I learned from my parents in my everyday routine. All that love they had and gave… the hospitality … the attention… the company, the good food… Today with my husband and having my father standing by us as a pioneer in our effort and of course our families in general, I feel as if a purpose is fulfilled.


I couldn’t even imagine how prophetic would this photo be…