The Massaya Restaurant aims to take you on a voyage in the secrets of the genuine Arabic cuisine. All fresh, colorful salads and handmade salad spreads, ideally accompany the main menu, which reflects the entire culture of Syrian gastronomy and it is certain that it shall fully satisfy all your taste requirements. Of course, there are numerous choices of dishes of the day, while the wide variety of original and hearty appetizers puts the final touch to a unique journey of sensations in exotic places.


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Massaya’s new vegan menu

Apr 06, 2017

Mariam and the Massaya’s team proudly present the new vegan menu. On the occasion of the fasting of the Lent, but mainly because of the growing number of our vegetarian customers, Mariam pulled up family Arabic recopies but also inspired her own preparations on the basis of ingredients that are abundantly used in the middle-eastern cuisines.


Most of the dishes listed below will remain on our menu after the fasting period, depending on the availability and freshness of the seasonal ingredients.


Our new vegan appetizers


1. Falafel with beetroot


Our now famous falafel is joined with the red beetroot in a different “sweeter” version for those who want to try the famous Arabic appetizer in a different way. Served with beetroot hommos.


2. Vegan Kebbe


Bulgur ‘purses’ filled with mushrooms, spinach, leek, onion and pine nut, always wisely seasoned with herbs and oriental spices. More and more people prefer them than the regular ones with meat.


3. Yalantzi


Rice, raisins, herbs and spices, wrapped in carefully selected vine leaves. A meal that needs long & slow cooking on mild heat, until all flavors and aromas blend in, creating a result that will joyfully surprise you.

A vegan menu could not exist without its main dishes. Hearty and delicious preparations made with classic Arabic recipes and original flavor compositions.


1. Mzantara


A healthy and delicious protein-rich Arabic meal. A harmonious coupling of lentils with bulgur seasoned with oriental spices. It is served with crunchy fried onions and accompanied by an Armenian salad for one person.


2. Fateh


Slices of eggplant, tomato sauce with oriental spices, tahini paste, chick peas, pomegranate and Arabic bread make up a complete meal that will satisfy even the most demanding palates!


3. Mushroom panful


A special panful inspired by Mariam herself. A variety of mushrooms, artichokes, leeks, onions and peppers make up a special dish, accompanied by a potatoe-and-leek puree. The puree is homemade and it is prepared with soy milk so that it can be a choice for vegans and fasting people.


4. Lentil Meatballs


Another substantial and healthy dish with a special flavor that is also a creation of the Massaya’s kitchen. Delicious lentil-balls served with Florina red pepper sauce. They are accompanied by homemade potato and leek puree with soy


Do not forget the vegan dishes that are already on our menu, such as all our cold appetizers, as well as the classic falafels that many try …, yet in vain, to reach.