Great food and excellent service. Feels like home

- Th. Papanestoros

dish of the day

Lamb Souaf grilled on charcoal

The main dish that shall be adored by lamb lovers. Delicious skewers made with tender pieces of lamb meat marinated in herb-flavored oil and grilled on charcoal ...

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The Massaya Restaurant aims to take you on a voyage in the secrets of the genuine Arabic cuisine. All fresh, colorful salads and handmade salad spreads, ideally accompany the main menu, which reflects the entire culture of Syrian gastronomy and it is certain that it shall fully satisfy all your taste requirements. Of course, there are numerous choices of dishes of the day, while the wide variety of original and hearty appetizers puts the final touch to a unique journey of sensations in exotic places.

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Massaya’s new vegan menu

Mariam and the Massaya’s team proudly present the new vegan menu. On the occasion of the fasting of the Lent, but mainly because of the growing number of ...


Harissa is the most famous Arabic sauce made with red peppers, chili and various seasonings, varying between regions and between countries. It is the ultimate, ...

This is how the website was created.

The creation of Massaya’s website was a long yet mostly creative and enjoyable journey. Several people worked together to achieve the final form, for whic ...